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9 May 2021 | 0 Comments

Flicker was one of the second set of Sling Lane ponies to be rescued.

When the time came to pick up Flicker, we put her in the spare stable and worked slowly to put a head collar on her. When Laura was half way through buckling the head collar, little Flicker lost her nerve and freaked out. Defending herself, the only way she knew how, lashing out. Laura persevered and managed to load Flicker onto the trailer to take her away.

(Catching abused ponies can be a painful business)   (Flicker now – pulling faces after being given a treat)

Once in the Penny Ha’Penny fields Flicker hid, she hid behind the other horses and behind trees, desperate to not be seen. No amount of coaxing, talking, turning away or gentle reaching out had an effect. Flicker has been through too much and is too scared to forgive. Flicker tries occasionally to come up close and the odd nose touch feels like a reward. We will keep trying but Flicker is likely to live her days out with us. Happy, healthy but at a safe distance.

The rescue of the Sling Lane ponies is one of the worst cases we have had to deal with. We would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Nick. N, Sam. E and Kerry. F whose help and dedication at the time were a crucial part of saving many of the ponies.

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