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9 May 2021 | 0 Comments

Heidi has got to have one of the saddest stories of the surviving Sling Lane ponies.

First of all Heidi was the pony that was scared off during the original rescue in February.

After the Sling Lane ponies were moved by the previous owner, Heidi had a foal, both her and her foal were locked in a stable with no food and a filthy bucket of water. In order to survive and support her foal Heidi was forced to eat her own manure. The stable had been picked clean but she was still thin.

Heidi and her foal were taken straight to the rescue’s stable yard for close monitoring. Heidi was put in a stable with a deep bed and fed little and often to help her gain weight slowly. Her foal appeared bright and showing signs of real fight.

A few days in, the weather was warm so Heidi and her foal were allowed out in to the paddock in short bursts for a leg stretch and fresh grass. The little one galloped around in pure joy, squealing as she went. Her first real taste of freedom and the sun on her back.

The next day tragedy struck, Sue and Laura arrived at the yard early to find the foal collapsed, Heidi standing over her, protecting her. The foal was rushed to the Vets and put on a drip under a heat lamp. Everything was done to save her but it was too late, the starvation faced in her early days had done the damage and her internal organs had shut down, there was no saving her.

Heidi was distraught but found comfort in her new field mate Rio, refusing to leave her side.

Heidi has never forgiven people and keeps her distance; she does not want to be touched and wants nothing to do with people. She will stay at the rescue, respected, cared for and safe, even if she will never want to be brushed.

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