Hello, I’m Laura, one of the Trustees.

I’m also the one you’ll see posting on Facebook, introducing the ponies, showing our day to day lives and occasionally laughing at the pony’s silly antics, not to mention some of my own rescue related dumb moments.

I can’t really pin point where my love of horses came from but I know that almost every pony I have met has had an impact. The first pony we had in Malvern was a pet, Misty. We planned on training her to be ridden and having her as a life-long companion to me and my sisters. Misty had other plans, she was not interested in being ridden or even being our friend particularly, it was heart breaking sometimes to know how we would look after her but because of her past treatment she never wanted to be near people. Having Misty opened my eyes to the emotional damage people can do to a pony and all I wanted to do was love her. Misty actually lived with us for more than 20 years and never did get ridden. When I was 9, Sue found out about two Shetland ponies that were tethered at the side of the road and they were not in a good way, Penny and Mini soon arrived and my older sister Sarah and I claimed them, so excited to meet them we groomed them in the trailer while Sue got the paddocks ready. These two ponies, changed our lives. We spent every weekend and every school holiday with them, playing, grooming, riding and more often than not – falling off them.

After that came Satan who was another side of the road pony in even worse shape than the girls were, his head collar had grown into his face and he walked with a limp following a never fixed broken leg, then came Joker. As Sue’s reputation for caring for problem horses grew so did our numbers.

I helped set up the Charity in 2008 to help more horses and spread the word to help more people by way of respite care or our loan pony program.

Now I work in insurance during the week and donate some of my salary to the charity. I spend my days off with the horses, doing everything from mucking out to dressing wounds and fixing fences.

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.


Photos courtesy of Janine Smith – Through a Looking Glass