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19 March 2021 | 0 Comments

Ruby was born to one of the “Sling Lane Ponies” that was allowed by the other Welfare Agency to stay in their original home. The owner at the time took Ruby away from her mother and wanted to raise her at home as a pet. The owner tried to bottle raise Ruby on her own (which is a very difficult thing to do). After a week the owner went on holiday and left the care of the new born foal to her brother, who didn’t know what to do.

The owner’s brother knew we had already rescued five of the neglected ponies (the other welfare agency decided at the time to let the woman keep some…please read Sling Lane Part 1) and he called us asking for our help. After a difficult conversation we had it agreed to hand the foal and her mother over to the rescue (and the remaining abandoned ponies – it is a long story).

Sue, Pete the Vet, Ruby and Ruby’s mum (Izzy) spent hours trying to get Ruby suckling again when they were reunited but Ruby had been away too long and wasn’t able to latch on properly. It was decided that Ruby would be bottle raised otherwise she wouldn’t get the vital food needed to survive and grow.

Fast forward 10 months and the lovely Ruby went to a loan home as a companion.

Ruby was absolutely spoilt and adored in her loan home and spent more than six happy years there. Unfortunately late last year (2020) the pony Ruby was keeping company passed away. Ruby was unable to settle with the remaining ponies on the yard so she was returned to us.

It is a happy and sad time. Lovely to have her back as we provide a home for life for all of our ponies, but sad that things didn’t quite work out as hoped.

A huge thank you to Ruby’s loan home for all the love and care they have given her over the years and for helping her become the character she is.

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