Sling Lane Ponies – Part 1

Monday: On a cold and wet February afternoon, Sue received a phone call from a young man who was worried about a horse being sick. The young man had previously used Sue’s Taxis and he remembered talking to her about her love of horses, so when he saw this poorly horse he ….

Sling Lane Ponies – Part 2

Penny Ha’Penny didn’t give up on the other ponies left with the owner under the other agency’s supervision, checking in on them every few days as well as caring for our own herd. Unfortunately consistent supervision was not carried out by the other agency and after a while the ….


Flicker was one of the second set of Sling Lane ponies to be rescued. When the time came to pick up Flicker, we put her in the spare stable and worked slowly to put a head collar on her. When Laura was half way through buckling the head collar when little Flicker lost her nerve and….


Heidi has got to have one of the saddest stories of the surviving Sling Lane ponies.First of all Heidi was the pony that was scared off during the original rescue in February. After the Sling Lane ponies were moved by the previous owner, Heidi had a foal, both her and her foal…


Izzy was a catalyst for the second wave of Sling Lane rescues. Izzy had foaled Ruby in her previous home but the foal was stolen from her by the owner so she could raise her at home, as a pet. When we received the call to help Ruby we asked fro Izzy too. The plan was to reunite mare and foal…


This beautiful pony came into the rescue as part of the second wave of Sling Lane rescues. Terrified of people but hungry, she would come over for food and then run away. We believe at some point she was broken to ride and trusted people but this trust was broken in the worst possible way…

Taboo and Ceiriad

Both of these ponies were part of the first wave of Sling Lane ponies to be rescued. Starving and nervous, they were initially kept safe and warm in the barn with a deep straw bed with Freckles and Lady. Kept in the warm and checked on around the clock, fed little and often to…


After Chase came to us as part of the second wave he was very unsure of people. Chase had a problem with food aggression, always ready to defend himself; from what we have been told previous owners would use food to catch him but his handling often resulted in him being hit…


Ruby was born to one of the “Sling Lane Ponies” that was allowed by the RSPCA to stay in their original home. The owner at the time took Ruby away from her mother and wanted to raise her at home. The owner tried to bottle raise Ruby on her own, which is a very difficult thing to do. After a week the owner went on …


One cold and rainy morning, Laura decided to make an extra check of the ponies before heading to work, Sue was due there in an hour so the visit wasn’t needed but sometimes it’s nice to say hello to the horses before a long work day. When Laura arrived at the field, there was a dark mound half way down the field and her….


There are many horses and ponies over the years that have really touched our hearts with their progress and one such success story is little Freckles. In February 2013 Penny Ha’Penny was called to attend a sick horse in Sling Lane, Malvern. We attended within an hour of the call to be confronted with 10 horses starving…


A dozen phone calls a day, two horses tied up at the side of a busy road, muddy and being rained on. 2014 saw many call outs relating to horses that were tethered at the roadside and fly-grazing. Dolly and Cherry were the ‘Warndon mares’ tied up at the side of the road not far from Junction 6. Penny Ha’Penny visited the …

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