Thank You

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to the following... we couldn't do it without you!

To All Our Supporters!

Panoramic of the Malvern Hills

Firstly & Most Importantly Thank You To All Our Supporters. The fantastic local people of Malvern and everyone else not so local.

For all of your donations, hay purchases, rugs, equipment and calls about horses in need.

(Malvern Hills shot by Matt Lambeth)

Orchard Farm, Pershore

Christmas Pony

Thank you for allowing us to graze their land and their ongoing support and flexibility.

Landlords Of Leigh Sinton, Malvern Wells and Welland Sites

Chestnut horse at sunset

Thank you for allowing us to rent their land and their continued support for the work we do.


Trailer full of horse hay

Thank you to Martin for supplying years of hay, whatever the weather. Thank you for all of his practical help, fixing stables and repairing fences.

A hero without a cape!

Anne & Pete

Coffee and a book

Who for a few years have run regular coffee mornings to raise funds for the horses – on pause due to the pandemic. They also sponsor a pony and help with grooming. Thank you for all of your effort.

Chris the Farrier

Ollie the horse with the farrier having his hooves trimmed

Thank you for the regular trimming of our ponies’ hooves and performing corrective farrier work on emergency cases. For a number of years, Chris has been visiting our sites, the emergency pick-ups and even the side of the road to help ponies in distress by trimming overgrown hooves and removing ill-fitting shoes.

Avenue Veterinary Centre - Malvern


A huge thank you to all of the Vets and Partners at Avenue. Having worked with us for more than 20 years, they have been invaluable for all sorts of treatments, from colics and castrations to accidental injuries and call outs to assess emergency rescues. We truly appreciate everything they have done for the horses.

Everyone Else!

Charity collection tins

A Great Big Thank You To Everyone Else.
Numerous small business who make and arrange donations. The Shops and Trades that host collection tins and to the Schools who choose us to benefit from their charity fun days.

Andy Jones - Website

Andy Jones Website maintenance man

Hi my name’s Andy and I’ve donated my time and knowledge of using WordPress to build this website with the aim of building support for the charity and the wonderful work done to give these animals a life worth living. Onwards and Upwards