We have a small number of Volunteers that help the charity at different times of the year for various things, including a specific volunteering slot for Duke of Edinburgh Award students to achieve their award hours. Volunteers get involved in all of the day-to-day activities with us. This can be everything from brushing horses, mucking out stables, moving ponies, receiving hay deliveries and building/repairing fences. Some volunteers may help with fundraising events or collection days.

We appreciate everything they do and all of the time they spend with us.


If you would like to volunteer

Get in touch. Please note that we are restricted in the number of volunteers we can have at any one time, please don’t be disappointed if we can’t accommodate your offer straight away and please get back in touch after a few months if you are still looking to help us, we may have had a space come up.

If you want to volunteer get in touch and we can talk through the process and next step. Use contact details here

PLEASE NOTE –  We are unable to provide horse riding to Volunteers or Helpers.

Gallery – click on any image
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Please scroll through the photos to see what some of our volunteers get up to

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