Rescuing, Rehoming and Rehabilitation

Rescuing… Penny Ha’Penny has rescued more than 200 horses, ponies and donkeys over the years. From neglect to abandonment, cruelty and owner ill-health, there are many reasons a horse will end up in our care. Most rescue cases have physical and emotional problems caused by mistreatment.  Penny Ha’Penny treat the animal ensuring it is happy and healthy. Happy horses have a better chance of a new forever home.


Where a horse is suspected of being in danger, we respond to all reports. When a horse is not local, we suggest an alternative rescue closer to the animal, meaning they get help quicker. One case stands out involving a Shetland pony in Liverpool. We contacted a Liverpudlian rescue, but the lady we spoke to was couldn’t understand our Malvern accents – even asking us to speak slowly! When a horse in need is reported to us, we will attend.  This can mean contacting the owner where possible, sometimes there can be a misunderstanding or an existing health condition which makes the horse look in need.

What happens if I’m not sure?

We have attended reports of horses that haven’t been fed for weeks….when we arrived on site we have met the owner, attending to the horses. People like routine and regularly visit a field at a different time of day to the care-giver. At this point, the horse has finished eating and it looks like the horse hasn’t been fed, the concerned onlooker reports neglect. An easy mistake to make.

We are happy to help and prefer people report an innocent case than leave a horse suffering cruel treatment. Large or small no case is ignored. Penny Ha’Penny have handled several cases where at least 10 animals were in need.

Where do we help horses?

Working mostly in Hereford and Worcestershire, sometimes  we rescue horses from further away. This depends on the individual situation and any lack of alternative options. Given the current situation and lack of funds we can only attend new cases in an emergency.


…and having a pony on loan are the same thing in our world…

(other rescues may have their own terminology).

We re-home on a loan basis so the loaner never owns the horse but is responsible for all care and costs. This ensures that if the loan home’s circumstances change the horse is returned to Penny Ha’Penny. They must not be passed onto third-parties. All loaned horses go to the loaner’s home, livery yard or rented field. 

The Re-homing process

  1. Potential loan homes must get in touch in person (email preferred)
  2. We need to know about your experience and where the horse will be kept
  3. What sort of horse/pony is wanted/ Are you looking for a companion or a riding pony?
  4. Potential loan homes are asked to come and meet us for a wander around the farm and a chat
  5. References are required from a vet, a farrier and a personal friend / work colleague 
  6. Home checks are completed
  7. All re-homing is subject to a loan agreement and adoption fee
  8. Follow up visits are completed after 30 days and discussions for continuing a loan at 6 months
  9. Long term homes are asked to update us periodically but the loan home is responsible for the horse’s ongoing care
  10. All horses must be returned to Penny Ha’Penny at the end of the loan or if the loaner can no longer care for them

Points to note

  1. At any time regardless of the stage listed above; a person may be declined a horse
  2. A person may pass all stages of referencing and home checks but still be declined a horse – this could be because there is nothing suitable for them
  3. A non-refundable adoption fee applies
  4. We reserve the right to intervene if there is any doubt or complaint about the horse’s care
  5. The horse must not be passed to another person under any circumstance
  6. We require 48 hours notice to collect a horse that needs to be returned
  7. All horses re-homed must live with at least one other pony (rare exceptions can apply)
  8. Loan homes must fall within a 30-mile radius. This helps to facilitate home visits and the return of a horse (exceptions may apply)
  9. An offer of a home does not automatically result in a horse on loan
  10. All costs related to the animal’s care and training are borne by the loan home. Costs are non-refundable upon return of the horse.

Homes are matched according to the nature of the animal, any other companion and the experience of the loan home. Over-all in any case, the horse/pony’s welfare comes first. 


When horses come to us with behavioural problems due to neglect or cruelty we take immediate action to gently rehabilitate them and build their trust in people again. We have a lot of experience in emotional rehabilitation, rebuilding a horses confidence and trust, helping them to once again be their true selves