(Sarah and her son Dyllan)

My name is Sarah, and I am a trustee of the charity.

Why am I a trustee you ask?

Some of my earliest memories involve begging my mum for a horse and how was I to know that this would, 30 years later, lead to the current number we have? Sue started rescuing horses again when I was young, rescuing 2 Shetland ponies called Penny and Mini. My pony was called Penny and she had scars on her neck which were the result of the tether that had secured her, rubbing her skin raw. Even as a young child, this broke my heart; knowing that she had led a horrible life and one of pain. I vowed she would never see a chain again, meeting Penny really helped me understand what it meant to ‘rescue’, to truly change a pony’s life. She was the most mischievous pony, who shared many adventures with me including making me fall off almost every ride we went on. When I outgrew Penny, she was retired and lived a wonderful life in the fields with friends, passing away a very much loved and incredibly old pony. This experience is what drives me as a trustee to the charity.

I helped to set up the rescue many years ago and worked alongside Mum and my sister Laura, playing a part in the rescue obtaining charitable status in 2008. I continued to support the horses and other trustees with the physical work and fundraising until I had my own family. My son Dyllan and I are regular helpers, Dyllan’s love for his Granny and the ponies continues to grow.

My aspirations for the charity include continuing to meet our objectives whilst making sure all the horses who cannot be homed, live a fulfilling life and those who can, go to the best home possible, where they too, can live to be an old and loved companion.